An Interview with Yok: Thailand

Yok is a student and photographer from Thailand. She keeps a low profile, she like something natural. She likes taken naturally, and she does not want her photographs are limited by space.

What labels stick to yourself? Like someone with labels photographer.
I never label myself. I just like to take pictures. It’s  what I use as a diary.

How photography became part of your life? Did someone guide you toward the camera or is it all natural.
My father loves photography. When I was a young my father took me to a photo shop. It was a good memory. Sometimes I think of my father when l take pictures. But anyway, I choose photography on my own. Four years ago I bought my first camera. Lost it 8 months later. And now I want to see the pictures from that camera. I just wonder what they were like, I'm not angry at the person who stole my camera. If I knew their addresses I would send them a New Year’s card.

What is your favorite subject when you take a picture? What is one of the most memorable shoots for you personally?
Grass; it tiny and unique. To me, strangers portraits are the most memorable shoots.

Do you have a specific style in your photographs?
I am not limited by space. Space just makes me think.

What kind of camera and what kind of software do you use in your photographic workflow?
I use Nikon D5100 with 50mm lens and Adobe Lightroom 5

What about the situation in Thailand. I heard that there was political turmoil there. Are you paying attention to it?
Yes. I continuously pay attention to politics. People have different opinions, because politics are personal. But they should talk reasonably, not argue. I hope my country move past this.

There are photographers who prefer to take a picture by composing the theme and some things, but there are more like take it naturally. And you are...
“Don't Think, Just shoot” is the Lomo motto. And I prefer to take a picture by composing the theme and some things.

Do you often carry your camera everywhere you go?
No, but I want to. Taking a camera everywhere is cool because good moments happen everywhere.

Christmas is close. How are you going to celebrate your holiday?
I'll come in Mae Moei National Park with my friends on christmas day. We'll take a picture.

Thank you, Yok!

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