An Interview with Garis Edelweiss

Garis is an artist from Pasuruan. This modest man never thought of the technique but he was able to create drawings that seemed to tell a story to you. He invites you to his private minds where the bounderies between dream and reality are difficult to imagine.  
Pencil on Paper | 90x150
Who are you?

A man who can draw. Hehe

Tell us about your artistic background
I am a self-taught

Where where you live now? Tell us about the beginning of your drawing career?
I live in a small town; Pasuruan. I drew some pictures for friends and until they become a “bridge” for me.

What is your favorite medium?
Pencil. It has made me fall in love.

What do you think about art and pornography? What do you think both of these are different things or the same thing?
The purpose of pornography is to arouse sexual desire to the audience, meanwhile the art is made upon consideration of pure beauty. I think it has a clear difference.


What family and friends think about what you do?
They understand and are happy with what I do. I am grateful to be able to grow with their support.

What’s the story behind “SISA SISA”?
About wanderings man's life toward total helplessness (Death). Leaving deeds in the world, bad or good. There is a longing. Longing when we remember, or feel that the journey of life will soon be over. Tells about missed everything .. Misses a day until the day arrives.
Figures in the picture above is of my father. I drew him a few months before his death.

Sisa Sisa

Tell us about your own studio
I'm not sure it can be called a studio. However, there's a room measuring 2x3 meters, there is a pile of wooden pallets, rolls of canvas, easel in the corner of the room, a unit computer and my drawing tools ..

Have you got another passion besides illustration?
Currently I haven’t had another passion. If I'm not drawing, I love to play basketball and culinary tours.

What advice do you have for people who want to ge into art?
I'm in the process of learning, so I just focused work. So.. Do not always get stuck with the concept, flow, technique, etc., because it would make the limit for us to start the work.

 Thank you, Garis!

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