Fight Club

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Fight Club is one of my favorite movies, I love to watch this movie. Every second. I was not bored to watch it over and over again.''Fight Club'' has two central figures, the narrator played by Edward Norton (I always thought he was a sexy man, though often I think he is a gay. I'm sorry, Edward. Although, I am very happy to hear he's never had a relationship with Courtney! I also loved him in "American History X" anyway) and his imaginary, Brad Pitt. But, everyone is more interested in the character of the narrator's imagination. Tyler Durden. Though, in this movie Tyler Durden is not Brad Pitt) But who cares? Everyone loveTyler Durden and Brad Pitt. .So, as well as me.

So, as a wise man once said: you cannot be told what Fight Club is; you have to see it for yourself. But only if you think you're hard enough.

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