Interview: Rilo | Musick Bus Store

He is owner of the Musick Bus Store, a music store. And, he was only sixteen. Muhammad Rilo Mappangaja.

How did you get the idea of opening your own store? Musick Bus Store. How did the obsession start?
Simple. I just wanted to introduce to the public about the physical record. It has been a dream of mine from elementary school, to set up my own music store.

Most people do not go out to a store to buy music these days. What do you think they might be missing out on?
I was a little disappointed with young people in Makassar, most of them do not appreciate the original physical record. Damn!

As a music fan and record collector, can you can tell me about the situation of your city?
I thought, Makassar is awesome, because many music festivals are cool. I think music festivals in Makassar because community support. Musick Bus Store started from six months ago and have gained high appreciation frompublic.

You are very young.
I'm proud of myself. I was able to start a business at my age. However, this is not business basically .. Just a hobby that produces.

What do you think indie record labels could do to best help both themselves and indie stores?
I think this is very helpful! Because they are creating the indie band and we have an independent music store that will take care of him, it means we promote a band to the public.

What are the advantages of vinyl over mp3s or CDs?
In Makassar, vinyl is still rare for because many young people are still enjoying the mp3. But, I think there are many people who like vinyl/cd. In fact, there are still many people who buy physical records in my store, even though many of them do not live in Makassar.

What’s your most treasured vinyl? What was the first record you ever bought and where did you buy it?
Vinyl that I really want is "The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead" I'm looking for that album in Belgium but I can not find it. But, God is still dear to me because I finally found a boxsets vinyl of The Smith with 8 albums at once. And I found this album! "The Queen Is Dead". And, my first LPs were Radiohead - Pablo Honey, I bought it at a music store in Singapore. I just bought it, not a desire to collect. However, it becomes addictive.

Thankyou, Rilo!

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