An Interview with Owen Freeman

Owen Freeman is an illustrator and designer based in California. His digital works is the real and not unexpected. He has worked with major clients such as Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Nike and others. With saturated colors and realistic scratches he has brought us to another place, which we never expected.

Who are you?
My name is Owen Freeman, I am an illustrator currently based out of California.

Where were you born and where you live now. Please, tell us how that place influences your works?
My family moved quite a bit when I was young so I think it helped me develop ways to entertain myself in new and different locations before I met people. Currently I live in the Bay Area of California which I'm just getting to know, so it helps inspire research.
Hollow Men

Lucky Jones

You worked for several media The New York Times to sports: Nike. Do you put limits in your work?
I try not to remain open to new clients and projects, often the most interesting assignments are ones I wouldn't have expected.

Your work is very cool. Realistic illustrations with saturated colors. Do you agree with the characteristics that we mentioned?
I would agree realism is a key aspect, saturated colors seem to be as well, though less intentionally. 

Glucagonoma for the Medical Mystery series in The Washington Post.

Illustration for the Los Angeles Times book review of the novel "Panorama" by H. G. Adler.
Let's talk about developing your work and the creative process. And like.. what's your favorite medium?
I enjoy drawing with ink, though working digitally can be fun as well. The process that tends to work best for me is to throw myself a bit further out than I think I can and try and work my way back to a finish that I like.

Tell us about that one illustration that was on the Rolling Stone magazine
I did a portrait of Eminem for Rolling Stone. It was a fun assignment, the brief was very open and I was glad to get to try something a bit different, perspective-wise.

What’s that keeps you interested in drawing and doing work?
The unknown, both in the freedom of what I might be able to draw and the unexpected subjects clients bring.

Eminem on Rolling Stone Magazine

What does a typical workday for you look like?
I get to my desk around 9 and work until usually 5 or 6, with a break for lunch in there usually.

Tell us what kind of music that represents your work?
I would like to say Carpenter Brut but I don't think I'm quite there yet.
Literaly Stalker
"Above is an illustration in this month's British GQ on stalkers in the world of literature, and James Lasdun's book "Give Me Everything You Have On Being Stalked." Sketches below largely inspired by the great cat-and-mouse scenes in films like The Third Man and Night of the Hunter. AD Warren Jackson."

What do you do if you're not doing your job?
I enjoy traveling and sketching outdoors.

What do you usually do when Friday night?
When I'm not on a deadline I enjoy watching movies.

Thankyou, Owen!

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