Interview: Rain Chudori

She is a great writer. She wrote a story in Jakarta Post. Blue. She is a girl to know, understand and admire. I find it impossible to keep my thoughts from wandering. There is something magical about her, as you will see, give us our appreciated dose of inspiration. Rain Chudori.

Who are you, Rain?
The patron saint of heartbreak

I heard your mother is Leila Chudori. She’a wonderful figure, so are you. Do you mind if people associate you with your mother?
It’d be nice to be seen independently from her figure

Started to write...
I had to imprint a part of myself into something that wasn’t physically alive. It’s the same thing with falling in love, it’s an attempt to imprint yourself into someone else (and vice versa). but lovers are transient and troublesome whereas readers are lasting and loyal

 "When millions of years later, men are no longer barefoot and the search became nothing more but a hereditary tradition, heaven changed.
 The men realized that they didn’t need to find heaven anymore. They learnt how to look for nourishment when they bled into the grass and built a skyless shelter where even the storm would come to hide in. They realized that any sort of heaven, they can say they have found, was under their feet.."


When you write, how do you go about the process from an idea to a finished project?
I’m sorry, I never know how to answer this. I don’t have a concrete process that I follow to write. It is all very chaotic.

I read your stories in The Jakarta Post anyway...Beautiful.
Thank you, you’re very sweet

Short story: The Jakarta Post.

What does a typical workday for you look like?
Brew some tea, tweet, listen to william basinski water music part i, write a little, be frustrated, brew some more tea, tweet, brush knots out of my hair, write a little, respond to love emails, listen to william basinski’s water music part ii, write a little, write a little, write a little, cry

Where did you grow up?

I see you love the internet. How do you see the internet?
I think the internet has made it an easier to fall in love with people at a safe distance. But it’s important to remember that the image a person presents on the internet is only a part of themselves and not their whole, constantly expanding and changing being. It’s glimpses of people based on the information they have voluntarily offered or maybe, crafted

I think there's beauty in your portrait photos. Do you agree? And do you think you're braver with the camera or without camera?
Being in front of the camera makes me feel like I’m not alone but that girl with the big eyes and the chest-long curls and the legs is not who i really am. If you dissect me, you’d find a heart full of fear

Could you see yourself doing anything else?
I think writing is my first love. that being said, I would love to be a radio host where I could titter about books and play my favorite records (If anyone who works in radio reads this, I’m serious, hit me up)

Good people...
Do everything in love -corinthians 16:14

Do you have any upcoming projects? 
I just finished a project this month making a zine with my friend who is an illustrator, Nadya Santoso called "Heaven Lies Under Men" as part of the body festival in Ruang Rupa. Last december I acted in a film called "Rocket Rain" with the director, Anggun Priambodo and the Babibutafilm crew. It'll be out sometime next year.  right now, I'm trying to collect my short stories which will be called "Smoking with god and other stories" and a novel called "Sky of Swallows"
You can check out more about it in or @rocket_rain

Tell me about Rocket Rain? What did you do?
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell people what it's about yet hehe. But do please watch it, I run in a field of flowers and talk about vaginas in it.

I cant wait to what she does next!

What's your fave book?
There’s a lot of books I love. I’m reading spring snow by Yukio Mishima. It’s about a young lad named Kiyoaki Matsuage and his love affair with Satoko Ayakura who comes from an aristocratic family who have lost their wealth. It’s a star-crossed lovers sort of story. It’s taken me months reading this book, It’s a little difficult sometimes to read it, I cry. Also, my copy can fall apart any time since Ii bought it preloved when I’m finished with this, I’ll start reading death in midsummer by Yukio Mishima (I like reading thematically)

How do you spend your friday nights?
Attempting to be fully alive with friends

And... Who would like to kiss?
I want to swap spit with michael gira 

Thankyou, Rain!


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