Interview : Yogi Anilla Riesta

Have you ever been to a gallery and had to force yourself not to touch the paintings? The work of Yogi Anilla Riesta, gives me that exact feeling! It impossible to keep my thoughts from wandering. As an artist he has managed to create a world where dead things and human being in a colorful yet curiously surreal way. Yang dilukiskan, digoreskan olehnya adalah magic! Silahkan, untuk jatuh cinta..

Please, tell me about your artistic background..
It’s my Dad who hooked me up with a pencil, I always loved drawing ever since I can remember, I was a little boy growing up in 80’s surrounded by 60’s music records and Bob Kane’s to William Vance’s comics. Ever since that, I started drawing by imitating various kind of characters from comics while listening any Psychedelics to Krautrock records, Ocassionally, drew some amazing cover sleeve by prog-psych bands in that day. As time rolled, I became far more obsessive until I reached the point where it was almost becoming a hassle. Kira kira begitu benang merah nya.

"Strangers more interesting"

You started to paint..…
As I got older, my interest towards art grew more, that I made me began to explore different level such as painting. Yang paling mendorong dan best moment pas first time lihat lukisan Gustav Klimt dan Egon Schiele, Salvador Dali, dan puisinya Tristan Tzara, setelahnya karena banyak Eksibisi yang saya kunjungi aja sih dan pembelajaran kongkrit akhir mungkin atau bahwa para Seniman Indonesia terpengaruh para Spanish Painter. Stu-dying and drawn my whole day, Paint, rude I say, are the way I see the world.

A common theme in your art, besides women. What’s up with that? What emotions are you most likely to explore?
I’ve always been stuck in a love triangle between dead things and human being, sometimes the Gimmick-life-esque win over dead things, that compeletely expands my ability to soak up the fucked-up surroundings. The emotions of chaos, rad things in women, who scream possibilities, who clamor for attention most, to me Strangers more interesting.

Which artists have influenced you? 
Banyak banget! There are many artists which I particulary fond of, from Raden Saleh to Dali, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst, as well as the more Contemporary artists today, dan teman teman yang paling sih, I have a lotsa talented friends.

What do you do when you’re not creating art?
These day, trying to focus in a Band, main sama kucing, well rested for sure.

Do you have any upcoming projects I should be on the lookout for?
My current project includes very recent commission to paint on silk, Some Illustration for Rad Magazine, and oh my sketchbooks are filled with stupid poems and pictures I haven’t started second-guessing yet, so give me a favour for some vivid-esque things, I insist…

Who would you like to kiss?

Thanks, Yogi!

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