Interview : Prinka Saraswati

Prinka Saraswati one of those photographers who can stop you in your tracks. Using a camera and thoughtfulness she records a curious and personal diary of tender moments captured in time. She is working on multiple projects, trying to rediscover everyday, and live passionately in the moment. Elle est une belle fille!
Requiem for The Lost Souls

Who are you, Prinka Saraswati?
I’m a skeptic and pessimist person, so maybe I just tell you that I’m not good at giving value to myself and if you get the chance to see me one day, I’m not the same person as you know on the internet and I’m a different person behind crowd. 

When did you get into photography?
I got into photography when I was in the third or fourth grade. My mom loved to make me bring a pocket camera, instead of something to eat. She asked me to bring it when I had picnics with the school and the last days of class. Honestly, it was unpleasant. I hated to bring it, but I still took pictures of my friends and teachers.

What about your favorite moments to take pictures?
I don’t have favorite moments. I wish I could keep every second of life. If only pressing shutter is the same with blinking.

What emotions are you most likely to explore in you photography?
For photo stories, which usually have girls as the main character, I love exploring galore sadness with tragic ending. The girls are the ones who are fragile, betrayed, jagged, and lost.

Tell me your most funny situation taking pictures?
Hmmm, I guess I don’t have any funny moment. I usually come to banned or hidden – from – the – crowd empty space for the photo stories’ locations. So, there are some moments where I have to play hide and seek with the security. 

And your influences..
I guess I’m inspired by whimsical jeremiads, fragile or bizarre films like Virgin Suicide, Valerie and Her Week of Wonder, Vera Chytilova’s films and also by a lot of writers and other photographers, even my friends’ sad love stories. I love pastel colours, mute expression and sentimental thing.

What's been keeping you busy lately? I heard that you become a private teacher?
Yes, I’m a private teacher. I’ve been doing friends’ assignments and get paid, a bit of baking cookies (sometimes I sell them), writing for original-signature or on a radio’s blog (coming soon), tutoring in a foster home, a bit of copywriting, reading book, and helping friends to organize some gigs. My activity is a whole bunch of a lot of a little bit. I don’t have much time to take pictures lately.

Where do I find you on a saturday night?
You can find me in my room, eating cookies, watching films or reading book, dancing with myself, or dating with my boyfriend on skype. But, sometimes I hang out with friends too. I’m not that all homey girl or vice versa.

Who would you like to kiss?
Aww, sweet question. But, I think it’s too cheesy and all sticky. So maybe I’d just like to hug my parents, my close friends, my students, my boyfriend and everybody who’s been supporting me all this time (including you).
*Ah, sweet!

Thanks, Prinka!

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